Friday, August 23, 2013

Carrying a pet on grand master aki Master Aki is located in the Vale of Eternal Blossoms and is the final trainer that you will face.  The nice thing about this fight is with the right team combination you can carry a low level pet with ease.  The team mainly consists of two level 25 pets and your carry pet. 
For this fight I chose a level 8 Onyxian Whelpling.
Aki's team looks like
For this fight you will want to use the crush and stoneskin talents on the Anubisath Idol. Most people like to use sandstorm as a second talent.  For this fight I don't like the lowered hit chance that it adds.  The Dragonbone Hatchling's talents will be slicing wind and Lift off.  The Hatchlings talents are not much of a concern since the Idol can pretty much carry this fight on his own. 
For the first turn of this fight you will lead off with your carry pet.  This is the ideal spot for this pet since the damage that it will take is going to be very minimal and survivability is very high.  After the first swarm from Chirrup the cricket you will switch off to your Idol.
The first round with the idol he is going to take two swarms before he can use his stoneskin ability.  The stoneskin ability will last 5 rounds and will need to be refreshed once it reaches one charge.  All of the damage from Chirrup will be avoided.  You generally only have to refresh the stoneskin once but the possibility could exist that it may need refreshed twice.  After this fight since the Idol is a humanoid he should be at full health.
Stormlash will be the next pet that you will face.  As soon as he comes out he is going to use his Call lightning ability.  This fight normally lasts three rounds due to the strong attack from Crush.  After the third round your idol will most likely be down to 300ish hp.  He will typically last 2 rounds with Whiskers.  Whiskers is an aquatic pet so the Dragonbone Hatchling is perfect for this fight. 
For the first round of this fight your Idol should still be alive and Whiskers is going to cast Dive.  I typically will refresh Stoneskin for this round.  The second round I will cast deflection. This allows the idol to avoid the high attack damage that comes after Dive.  The rest of this fight is pretty standard cast Crush until the Idol dies.  The Hatchling will then come in and finish off this fight. Typically one lift off and then a slicing wind and this fight is over.  
That's the fight in a nutshell.  You beat Aki, finish your quest and get a bag of swag.  The Whelpling gained 4675 exp and reached level 14.  Please leave me a comment and let me know what you think of the post and how this worked out for you.
Happy Leveling!

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